8/6 Power Board


Can you relate?

Meet Jeff. He, like every other business owner I’ve met, struggles to run his $40 MM IT business and is grasping for solutions, processes and expertise. ​

Jeff understands that competitive pressure requires that he operate his company at world-class levels and be a world-class leader. World class companies operate on seven simple core processes and world class leaders surround themselves with peers and expertise who can give them a faster path toward realizing their vision.​

Jeff, of course, is an archetype for all business owners.

These are two important numbers

$200 Billion

Business owners like Jeff are pouring an estimated $200 billion into coaching, consulting services and technologies to get a grip on their business and increase growth, now.

$23 Trillion

$23 trillion of wealth is stored in owner-operated businesses. Within the next decade, businesses will begin flooding the market as owners seek to cash out. Only the best run businesses will command the highest value. Others will see their value decrease due to an over supply of companies hitting the market.

With Such High Stakes, It’s Best Not to Get It Alone.

The Catipult 8/6 World Class Company Power Board is a technology-forward, fast-paced, accountability driven board of business owners who set goals, seek accountability and drive results.

World class companies are run by world class leaders. ​

World class leaders take time to focus on their health and personal relationships. ​

Each year, opportunities to take a unique and strategic off-site retreats are offered to board members nationwide.

  • Goal driven
  • Accountable
  • Open to input
  • Enjoy off-site retreats and socializing
  • Owners / operators / founders
  • Workshop speakers on health, finance, employee development, hiring, sales and marketing.​


  • Curated Audible or hard copy book titles sent to you each month.


  • A board that includes authors, investment bankers, manufacturing, construction, logistics, technology and health care firms.


  • Planned strategic off-site retreats with the option to bring a significant other.


  • Discount on the Catipult Razor™ program, a coaching engagement that facilitates your strategic growth.
  • 15-minute phone conversation with your group president.


  • 30-minute meeting with an existing member.


  • 60-minute in-person meeting with your group president.


  • Invitation to join.


  • Pay the membership fee.


  • Attend your first meeting.