Are You Measuring the Spiritual Impact of Your Christian Business?

You hear me talk about the Pumpkin Plan a ton because it has proven successful in so many small businesses across the country and the strategy is very simple for a business owner to have time to implement. But for Christian Business Owners we also need to find ways to measure our spiritual impact in the marketplace. In my most recent blog, I discuss Marketplace Ministry, a term used to describe sharing Christ in the secular workplace. We are Christians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we need to be intentional with the time we have left and that’s including our workplace time. 

In addition to the everyday areas of business like sales, operations, and finance, Christian companies are organized to make an impact on the Kingdom. These systems are ones we can measure and they serve as organizational tools to move a company forward. Assuming your organization has a statement that emphasizes its spiritual orientation and purpose; a plan that helps you produce growth in your business and produce time freedom for you as the owner. Your organization needs a plan that helps you to stop struggling and start growing. If so, a system of measurements should be put in place to harness the assets of the organization to accomplish the Kingdom’s functions. In addition to the everyday primary functional areas of sales, operations, and finance, your company must have an additional basic business area of impact. Take a look at the functions suggested below that you can capture, report, and fine-tune each month.


To be the main venue for the implementation of mankind’s function – to work.

This one is simple by noting the total number of people employed. If you use sub-contractors on a regular, then the number of people employed by key contractors would be added.


To accomplish a specific task given to it by God.

Assuming you believe your business fits into God’s greater plan by accomplishing some task. This is where you describe the fundamental mission of the company. What is the number of units sold? What is the number of customers impacted? What is the market share? Think about these results measured every month.


To develop Kingdom leaders.

While much of this work is God’s to do, business executives can pro-actively contribute. Identifying potential leaders, developing education and training, putting them into positions that require them to acquire new skills are all activities that you can implement. What is the number of people promoted into more challenging positions?


To provide a common theme and purpose to unite families.

Business, in God’s eyes, is not a competitor for a family’s time and attention, but rather a focus point for them, uniting the family around the work of a business. To make this measurable, take note of certain company-created family-friendly activities like the number of family events organized or sponsored by the company or the number of family members hired by the organization.


To build faith and spiritual maturity in the owners and employees.

Although this may seem difficult, it is not impossible to measure. Track the number of people prayed for/with by Christian executives or the number of people meeting in Bible studies and support groups organized by the company.


All of this may sound radically different from any business practices you’ve implemented in the past and I am on a mission to make that change. I’m here to give you the tools needed to learn how to lead from your identity in Christ. I’m here to support you and to exterminate spiritual and entrepreneurial poverty “One Business At A Time”. Let’s connect!