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Are You Measuring the Spiritual Impact of Your Christian Business?

You hear me talk about the Pumpkin Plan a ton because it has proven successful in so many small businesses across the country and the strategy is very simple for a business owner to have time to implement. But for Christian Business Owners we also need to find ways to measure our spiritual impact in […]

Are You Trying to do Business Alone?

When there’s a task at hand, it’s easier to take full reigns and get the job done. It’s easier to get from A to Z on your own. Sound familiar? Managing or waiting for someone to do what you know you’re capable of doing can be a bit of a challenge at times but is […]

Are You Called Into Marketplace Ministry & What Is It Anyways?

“Marketplace Ministry” is a term often used to describe sharing Christ in the secular workplace.  There have been many articles and research around attempting to show business leaders how to implement such strategies.  I have often wondered why we can’t all behave as Christians 24/7?  I love “Lifestyle Christianity Church”, they nailed the term when […]

3 Things You Must Know to Grow Your Business

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms? You are doing all the right things, but your marketing is falling on deaf ears (helloooooo…..anybody out there…….?). You feel pressure from your clients, prospects and competitors to lower your prices. (How low can you go…?) You can’t take on any more business because you can’t work any […]